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LED Lighting by Certified

A New Day Has Dawned, and CERTIFIED LED Tubes Reduce Lighting Energy Use; To Keep Our Planet Green

There are many companies selling LED lamps of assorted types and sizes but none compare to those provided by CERTIFIED LED. Most of those lamps are offered by companies that are unskilled and unknowing in the technical intricacies of lighting people spaces and objects for sale. Color control is very loose and thermal characteristics are often ignored while still promising ever and ever increasing life of the products. As a result, this relatively new technology has been beset by a host of negative experiences when applied in the lighting industry.

Our approach at CERTIFIED LED is very different and produces the desired performance you deserve to expect. Color control and thermal management are uppermost in our approach to design and manufacturing because they are the difference between unmet promises and solid actuality. The LEDs we use are closely controlled and selected to meet our exacting standards of color control and light output. We control color very tightly to plus or minus only one hundred degrees Kelvin, an indiscernable difference to the human eye. Meticulously controlled thermals on the junctions and ambient around each LED make certain that the life will be as we specify. Our seven year warranty provides assurance that our customers will realize the energy savings and lighting performance they expect well beyond normal financial payback periods.

Our corporate focus is on assisting our customers in their energy reduction programs across North America and Internationally in three main markets......Office and Factory spaces presently using fluorescent....Supermarkets in the varied environments they present.....and Lighted Machines for the Beverage and Gaming industries. The LED tubes we provide will produce the same light levels as fluorescent while consuming only half of the electrical energy. When coupled with their exceedingly long life, the owning and operating costs of the LED tubes by CERTIFIED LED approach 25% of the ongoing costs incurred by the existing fluorescent installations. We provide the lamps and knowhow and your company benefits from the able and careful approach of CERTIFIED LED.

Contact us for engineering and application assistance to reduce your energy consumption, immediately reap the economic benefits, and make your contribution to the "Greening of America".

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